Group Introduction


In order to help solve the problems and difficulties that Taiwan’s aquaculture industry faces during development, Kuei-Kuang Chen, chairman of Sunny Rich Group, has accumulated more than ten years of technologies and experiences in green energy and aquaculture. He established step by step a solid foundation that combines fishery-electricity symbiosis and ESG technical aquaculture and developed forward-looking and innovative strategies of fishery-electricity symbiosis aquaculture. This not only completely solved the vicious circle of population aging, youth outflow, and resource insufficiency in fishing villages but protected fishermen’s rights, which made his company become a benchmark enterprise in Taiwan and even the world.

◎Visions and Goals

We hope to promote local revitalization, rebuild fishing villages, and attract young farmers to return to their hometowns. We fully support and lead the development of Taiwan’s composite fishery-electricity symbiosis industry. We want to create a brand-new ecosystem for the aquaculture industry of next generation through greenhouse anti-disease technical aquaculture.

Cool Timeline


We were the first solar photovoltaic company in Taiwan that plunged into composite agriculture-electricity and the only large photovoltaic company that participated in the “Raising Water and Planting Electricity” program of Pingtung County Government after the August 8 Flood in 2009.


We cooperated with the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, signing a technical cooperation memorandum and a technology transfer contract of the “Kaohsiung No. 10 Cultivar of Indian Jujube.”


We obtained the recognition of Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs by winning the Excellent Large or Medium-Sized System item of its first Top Solar System Awards.


We took the lead in advocating that planting vegetables is better than planting electricity. President Tsai came to visit for the second time and praised Sunny Rich for creating new opportunities for composite land use.


Sunny Rich won the Top Solar System Award again. We are the only photovoltaic system company that has won two consecutive Top Solar System Awards. We have top photovoltaic technologies and considerable practical experience in system construction. Our customers include domestic well-known enterprises and governmental entities. We provide one package services of the best quality, covering planning, design, application, construction, and equipment warranty and maintenance after starting operation.


We announced our research and development of floating-platform multi-purpose solar systems.


We settled in the Innovation Incubation Center, Fisheries Research Institute, Council of Agriculture and launched an experimental project of floating solar photovoltaic power generation systems in aquaculture fish ponds.


The Mariculture Research Center, Fisheries Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan in Tasi, Yunlin held “The Inauguration Ceremony of Fishery-Electricity Symbiosis Experiment and Cultivation Base and a Presentation of Experiment Results”


We signed a contract to construct the world’s largest indoor composite fishery-electricity symbiosis technical aquaculture park.


We completed the construction of our demonstration project site in Yizhu Technical Aquaculture Park.

Green Energy Facility Construction Goals

Great Technical Agriculture Enterprise

Local revitalization and attraction for young farmers to return to their hometowns

◎ Technologization and scale enlargement of aquaculture

◎ Non-toxic aquaculture and agriculture

Creation of a new circular economy in the aquaculture industry

Recycling and reuse of rainwater

◎ Maintenance of natural ecology

Great Green Energy Electricity

◎ Addition of value to agriculture and fishery    

◎ Upgrade and transformation of agriculture    

◎ Composite multiple values   

◎ Addition of value to agriculture and fishery

◎ Upgrade and transformation of agriculture

◎ Upgrade and transformation of agriculture

Sustainable Development

◎ Implementation of the government’s green energy industry policies

◎ Enhancement of young farmers’ willingness to return to their hometowns

◎ Greenhouse SPF non-toxic aquaculture park

◎ Creation of a new circular economy in the aquaculture industry