Quality Management with Traceability

We use self-made high-quality nutritious feed to cultivate our optimal SPF shrimp breeding stock and highly disease-resistant healthy baby shrimps. We provide the highest traceability by combining strict production quality management and real-time monitoring of diseases in the aquaculture environments.

Division & Isolation Management

We divide people and vehicles into different groups and use aquaculture equipment separately for different areas so as to isolate potential disease infections.

SPF Shrimp Breeding Stock

We breed, select, and cultivate SPF shrimp breeding stock.

Aquaculture Environment Monitoring

Our AI ​​monitoring center monitors and manages the aquaculture areas in real time to prevent diseases in all directions.

Professional Nutritious Feed

We create our nutritious aquaculture feed with formulas based on decades of professional aquaculture experience, ensuring healthy intestines for our shrimps.

Water Quality Testing

We regularly transport samples via special vehicles for strict testing of water quality, microorganisms, and algae.

Real-Time Autonomous Virus Testing

We do regular and irregular autonomous virus testing.

Regular Sending to SGS for Inspection

We send samples to SGS for inspection and pass it every time.

Fresh-Keeping and Cold-Chain Distribution

We do -35 °C to -40 °C quick-freezing and professional cold-chain distribution.