Green Energy x Technical Aquaculture: Creating a New Economic Pattern

Sunny Rich Group leads the development of Taiwan’s fishery-electricity symbiosis industry. Our composite pattern that combines “large-scale green energy facilities” and “AI-based technical aquaculture” leads the development of next generation’s aquaculture!

Taiwan’s policy of fishery-electricity symbiosis holds the spirit of taking fishery as the core and adding value to it with green energy. The policy actively prioritizes promoting the combination of fish farms and solar photovoltaics and creates new opportunities and a new economic pattern for multiple land use in the aquaculture industry.

◎Advantageous Areas

SUNNY RICH POWER CO., LTD., a subsidiary of Sunny Rich Group, was the first major company in Taiwan that responded to and participated in the “Raising Water and Planting Electricity” program promoted by Pingtung County Government after the August 8 Flood. We helped finding uses for the disaster-stricken lands and addressing the livelihood needs of farmers in the Jiadong area. Through the “coexistence of agriculture and electricity,” we combined solar power generation with refined agriculture and changed farmers’ destiny of weather-dependent livelihoods. Subsequently, we focused more on green energy as the future trend and actively developed another form of composite land use: fishery-electricity symbiosis. Further, we enhanced our technical aquaculture technologies of breeding and cultivating SPF shrimp breeding stock and baby shrimps. At present, we have aquaculture farms in Yunlin, Chiayi, Tainan, and Pingtung.

◎Greenhouse SPF Non-Toxic Technical Aquaculture

Cooperating with the nation’s green energy policy, we exert our advantages in the fields of fishery-electricity symbiosis and greenhouse technical aquaculture. We simultaneously solve completely the problems of extreme climate threats, diseases, fishing village development, and food crises!

◎Core Strengths















Sunny Rich Group is building the world’s largest anti-disease greenhouse technical aquaculture park.

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We are installing 312 MW of composite green energy facilities, mainly large anti-disease fishery-electricity greenhouse buildings with a small part of on-water multi-purpose power generation systems.

Making Chiayi County the first positive energy technical aquaculture park in the country

When aquaculture is on the move, technology should have symbiotic value.

Fully supporting national policies, Sunny Rich Group is investing tens of billions of funds in building a 350-hectare fishery-electricity symbiosis technical aquaculture park in Yizhu Township, Chiayi County. The expected annual power generation is about 403 million kWh of green electricity. The main plan is a total of 312 MW of green energy facilities, including 297 MW of our anti-disease greenhouse aquaculture type and 15 MW of our floating-platform aquaculture multi-purpose type.

Our innovative patents related to solar energy combined with greenhouse technical non-toxic aquaculture provide fishermen with the best weather-resistant and cold-resistant aquaculture environments. These patents completely upgraded the common traditional aquaculture fields to greenhouse technical aquaculture areas that have both recreational and landscape-beautifying functions. We rebuild fishing villages, activate local economy, and attract young farmers to return to their hometowns.