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Multiple Land Use Opportunities

◎ Fishery-Electricity Symbiosis

Based on our persistence and belief in solving the dilemmas in aquaculture industry development, Sunny Rich Group planned and built step by step the world’s biggest-area-for-a-single-zone SPF non-toxic aquaculture park. We have proprietary technologies and application experience in integrating the fields of large-area solar photovoltaic and UHV facility construction, aquaculture, and fishery-electricity symbiosis. We help fishermen obtain the best production efficiency and output, hoping to upgrade traditional aquaculture and completely solve the dilemmas in fishing village development.

◎ ESG Technical Aquaculture

With the ESG aquaculture spirit, we integrate Taiwan’s original aquaculture industry basis and AI technical aquaculture technology. We create upgrades for traditional aquaculture industry and lead the technical aquaculture development of next generation.

◎ Green Energy

SUNNY RICH POWER CO., LTD. has experience in constructing, connecting, and operating hundreds of large and medium-sized power plants in the country. We have a research and develop department and as many as 57 patented technologies to maintain stable power generation efficiency and create the highest revenue for our customers. Based on our concept of and persistence in cherishing environmental resources and multiple land use, we take the lead in promoting the “photovoltaic greenhouse.” We combine organic farming and “raising water and planting electricity” and advocate that planting vegetables is better than planting electricity. In the future, we will develop toward the field of energy storage.

◎ Agricultural Biotechnology

SUNNY RICH AGRIC. & BIOTECH CO., LTD.: Intending to handle and further solve the global food shortage problem, Sunny Rich Group plunged into the forefront of agricultural production on the main island of Taiwan. It established SUNNY RICH AGRIC. & BIOTECH CO., LTD. in 2010 to develop refined organic agriculture.

Composite Service Business Group

Agriculture-electricity symbiosis and agricultural biotechnology
Fishery-electricity symbiosis and aquaculture

Construction of green energy facilities with power level of 80MW and above

Construction of fishery-electricity symbiosis aquaculture facilities

Construction of large photovoltaic aquaculture greenhouse buildings

Planning of large fishery-electricity symbiosis areas